My Teacher made me do this… Volume III

My Teacher made me do this… Volume III

Q: How successful were you at implementing the strategy or technique? What helped or impeded your success?
A: When we were first told to pick a new learning strategy to test I was very hesitant and doubtful. I have had a cyclic history where I would experience periods of extreme motivation and wanting to complete the many projects ahead of me. During this time I would be very excited to organize myself and try to tackle my problems from a new angle. That was promptly followed by an apathetic slump where I would give up on my strategies and just watch as work piled up and be too sluggish to attempt it. Needless to say I did not go in to this challenge of implementing a learning strategy with the greatest attitude.

I am happy to say that I was wrong about what would happen when I started a new learning strategy. When implementing the Pomodoro technique in to my work the reason I was so successful this time around with a learning strategy was because I got others involved. By convincing my parents and older brother to take part in this trial with me there was not only an overall improvement in the time it took us to complete our projects but an improvement in our work quality. Whether it was my father working on his companies annual budget, my mother creating a new lesson plan, my brother studying for his midterms or just me trying to finish homework on time since we were all working the same system we were all able to hold each other accountable stop each other from going astray on our plan.

Q: Did the strategy improve your learning or reduce your procrastination? What evidence do you have to support this cthat laim?

A: The pomodoro technique was very effective in combating my procrastinating habits. I knew that this technique was working out when I began to see many of the side effects of procrastination disappear. That including I was able to go to sleep and fall asleep quicker as I did not have to burn the midnight oil in an attempt to do a weeks worth of work in a night and the anxiety cause by the thought of not meeting my goals was not there to keep me up all night. With those side effects slowly fading away as I preformed the technique over and over again I found myself with more free time than I could possibly imagine allow me to focus on other projects that had fallen wayside and really take some time for myself.

Q: Will you continue with the strategy?  Why or why not?

A: I can confidently say that I will be continuing to implement the Pomodoro Technique in to my life. In just over a week I was able to see improvements in my work ethic resulting in more free time to pursue new endeavors. The technique also gave me the ability to look back at all the work I had completed and the sense of accomplishment that came with it resulted in me feeling more self confident. However I know that if I were to stop now it would very hard to start up again. During this time of reflection I was able to acknowledge that though it may have been motivation that had gotten me started it will be habit that keeps me going and when a habit has such rewarding side effects I see no reason why I would want to stop using this technique. The Pomodoro Technique is built on the principal of routine which is something I appreciate and can maintain though habit and constant reminders and accolades from my family as we all work through our personal endeavors.


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