My Teacher made me do this… Volume V

My Teacher made me do this… Volume V

Q: Based on the materials presented in class and your own background knowledge and experiences, do you think social media has overall had a more positive or negative impact on the world?

A:  The creation of Facebook and other social media platforms changed the way we would communicate forever. With most of these services not even reaching a decade old many of us have stopped to ask whether or not their presence in our lives have a more positive or negative effect on the world.

In short social media brought about positive change to the way we live our lives. When these platforms were first created they promised us new ways to express ourselves as well as new ways to connect and communicate with each others. Though many have sought out ways of exploiting the connective nature of these sites to the average user they are still what they have always been and what they were first meant to be and that is a great tool for communication.

Social Media has made it easier to find common ground with people all over the world. We as humans are very social animals and are constantly looking for a sense of belonging. With the billions of users on these platforms daily it has been easier to find people who can empathize with you.

Sites like Facebook and twitter have introduced new people to ideas that we would never have had access to in the past. Allowing us to gain new perspective on the worlds issues and better educate ourselves with the knowledge of what is going on.

Finally these social media sites have given us the chance to connect with friends and family much more efficiently than we ever could. Though they may live on opposite ends of the world family and friends have been brought closer together thanks to social media.


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